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Gameday Collection

At Snooty Patootie, we’ve got gameday tops that you might need during your time in university. Browse through our gameday collection for items that’d be comfortable and cute to wear during your college events. 

What to Wear During Game Day

Don’t know what to wear during game day? Here are some good options that you can choose from.

  • Team’s Name and Colors – These are easily most people’s go-to for what to wear during sports events. If you’re already a big fan of a team, you’ll most likely have a clothing item that represents them. Typically, it will be a cap, t-shirt, or jersey. Though, if you don’t have anything with your team’s name, you can try finding something in your wardrobe that represents their colors instead.
  • Varsity Sweater or Cardigan – If you don’t have your team’s merch or colors, a great alternative will be a varsity sweater or cardigan. It is a preppy piece that still gives off an athletic feel—perfect for game day.
  • Flannel – Game day typically happens in the fall. What other better fall staple to wear during this event than a flannel? It can be easily thrown on and worn in different ways. You can wear it over a t-shirt, around your waist, or as is. All options would make a cute look during game day.
  • Neutral Colors – If you’re not really into sports and only go to game day to socialize and hang out with friends, you could opt to wear neutral colors. This way, you won’t accidentally side with any team you don’t know about. By wearing neutral colors, you’ll still be able to enjoy the game day just as everyone else without the pressure of having to support a team. 

Browse Through Our Other Tops

Are you looking for more clothing options to wear daily? Check out our selection of other tops that you might like. We’ve got shirts, tees, button-downs, and more that will suit every occasion.

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