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  1. SPANX Airessentials Cropped Wide Leg Jumpsuit
  2. SPANX Airessentials Cinched T-Shirt Dress
  3. SPANX AirEssentials Mock Neck
  4. SPANX Casual Fridays Taper Pant
  5. SPANX Casual Fridays Cargo Jogger
  6. SPANX Air Essentials Sleeveless Tank Dress
  7. SPANX AirEssentials Half Zip
  8. SPANX Air Essentials Wide Leg Pant
  9. SPANX Summer Denim Short
  10. SPANX 4" Twill Short
  11. SPANX - Faux Suede Column Dress
  12. SPANX - Scoop Neck Tank Bodysuit