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Matching Sets

Wearing a matching set is an effortless way to look put together. When you know your tops and bottoms already match, you won’t have difficulty rummaging through your closet to find pieces that will when paired with each other. Check out our clothing sets at Snooty Patootie for hassle-free fashion items. 

What We Offer

At Snooty Patootie, we’ve got so many cute matching sets that you can choose from. These range from clothing sets you can lounge around in at home to ones you can go out and party in. Browse through our selection of sets below.

  • Pure Bliss Satin Slip Pants & Top – One of our best-selling sets is back in a stunning deep blue-green color. The Pure Bliss Satin Slip Pants paired with the matching top will give you an elegant look for your nights out. They are best worn with a black denim jacket or cardigan to tie in the whole look together.
  • Expression Blazer & Trousers – Do you want to stand out in a crowd? Cop the Expression Blazer & Trousers set. It’s got a funky design that will catch people’s attention. You can wear this unique business casual look at night or day.
  • Sharon Skirt & Carti Cardigan – This set's gold and brown colors are perfect for fall. The Sharon Skirt & Carti Cardigan is a comfortable knit set that will keep you warm without feeling heavy on the skin. If you want to look flirty and feminine this autumn while still feeling comfortable, this set is for you.
  • Lilo Pants & Top – This set is perfect for casual days. The Lilo Pants & Top can be used for lounging around at home. Or, you can level up this set with accessories and an overcoat for when you’re running errands or meeting up with friends. 

Shop Stylish Shoes

Pair your clothing sets with stylish shoes. Browse through our selection of footwear to complete your whole look.

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  1. Glitter Velvet Top
  2. Glitter Velvet Trouser
  3. Geo Knit Top
  4. Geo Flared Trouser
  5. Show Me Your Mumu - Zermatt Sweater Pant
  6. Show Me Your Mumu - Zermatt Zip Up w Faux Fir
  7. Show Me Your Mumu - Irwin Pants
  8. Show Me Your Mumu - Felix Blazer Luxe Satin
  9. Verona Velvet Top
  10. Verona Velvet Pants
  11. Pure Bliss Satin Slit Pant
  12. Pure Bliss Satin Top