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Corded Sweatshirts

You might be thinking: what makes a corded sweatshirt any different from the other sweatshirts out there? Corded sweatshirts are made of a light-weight cotton material with a unique cording detail on the exterior. The quality and corded fabric is soft to the touch, with a relaxed and cozy fit. If you haven’t added a corded sweatshirt to your closet already, or if you have a growing collection of these cozy cuties, keep reading to learn more! 

How to Wear a Corded Sweatshirt

Besides the obvious benefit of buying another sweatshirt - comfy, cozy, warm - here is a short list of reasons to add a corded sweatshirt to your cart on Snooty Patootie’s website ASAP!

  • Warmth & Comfort – When choosing a sweatshirt, warmth and ultimate coziness is key. Corded sweatshirts offer a warm and cozy feel, without being too heavy. Wear them on their own on cool, summer beach nights OR layer them up for winter months and holiday seasons. The oversized, relaxed fit of a corded sweatshirt makes it easy to wear out or to stay in with a hot cup of tea.
  • Versatility – Versatility is a big benefit of wearing corded sweatshirts. As previously mentioned, wear them in the spring & summer with your favorite denim shorts or watching the sunset at the beach or on the lake. 

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Along with our selection of corded sweatshirts, we also offer stylish sweaters and cardigans to get you through the cooler months. Browse our ‘Sweaters’ Tab for a look at our selection of cropped, oversized, solid and printed sweaters.

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